“You shouldn’t press the triangle”, Thierry Henry does not understand the “Playstation goals” in Angers

Somewhat stunned by Bordeaux’s disconcerting performance at Angers (4-1 defeat), Thierry Henry was at a loss for words when it came to commenting on the sad Gironde performance. He then dared to make an unflattering comparison.

The observers present in the front row to witness the announced catastrophe, just like the actors involved directly or indirectly in this disaster, tried in vain to understand how a team could so disintegrate, they were in great difficulty to explain it. And yet, this scenario, as much as the way of conceding largely avoidable cap goals, should not surprise them.

Everything in this match symbolizes the difficulties encountered by the Girondins de Bordeaux this season. An uninspired exit from Costil, after a more than dubious defensive replacement by Mangas, left a gaping hole in the back of the Bordeaux defense. Mohamed-Ali Cho did not ask for so much and opened the scoring in the empty goal after only five minutes of play.

Henry: “In all actions, there are two defenders for four or five attackers”

“When we see the actions, there are holes, the goalkeeper comes out, we don’t know why”, noted Thierry Henry, somewhat stunned at the microphone of Prime Video, daring the comparison with “PlayStation goals”. “It’s like when you press the buttons to get your goalkeeper out on time. You shouldn’t press triangle. It wasn’t easy, he explained. The defender goes out wrongly and at through, we don’t know how. These are often actions where all you have to do is push the ball into the back of the net. Not easy, really.”

If he then caught up with several spectacular parades, Costil could not do anything, betrayed by a defense completely exceeded in the speed of execution and commitment, facing the head in full skylight of Batista Mendy, tumbled in force on a free kick from Angelo Fulgini (36th).

Sékou Mara did try to revive his team when play resumed in the second half (61st), but Stéphane Bahoken immediately breathed new life into his team (62nd). And on a final counter, Pereira Lage delivered the coup de grace (90th). “In all actions, there are two defenders for four or five attackers, it’s really difficult to save yourself like that”, coldly noted Thierry Henry.

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