XV of France. Anthony Jelonch ”more solid than usual”, Galthié impressed by the physique of the Toulousain

D-115 before the start of the World Cup. Anthony Jelonch started his time trial 79 days ago:e February 26, 2023. On this day, while Scotsman Van Der Merwe set to score his side’s first try, Anthony Jelonch donates his body and propels him into touch. Result : cruciate ligament rupture 6 months from the World Cup in France. This Tuesday, Fabienne Galthie given rather reassuring news from the third line international : “He is following an appropriate rehabilitation program, everything is going very well”. Guest in the podcast Bite Anthony Jelonch detailed this rehabilitation program. The operation took place on March 6, the three weeks that followed were devoted to the rest Then the next three to the market “on AlterGa device that allows you to walk 20% body weight then 40% etc Until you find 100% of the capacities”, explains the player. After these six weeks (on the 18th) spent postoperatively, Anthony Jelonch will return to his Stade Toulousain club before leaving for Montpellier to be followed by one of the physiotherapists of the XV of France. Finally, the Gersois will join Cape Breton from July 15 to pay “finish getting ready and be ready to resume on August 15”.

“The surgeon does not understand what is happening.”

The player is, in the words of his coach, ahead of its schedule. A recovery so fast that it surprises the specialists: “As they are exceptional players, they have an extraordinary capacity for recovery, they are already ahead. The surgeon does not understand what is happening with Anthony Jelonch”. The Toulousain also confided during his stay in Bite to want “take advantage of this period to strengthen upper body”. According to Fabien Galthieit’s quite successful. “He weighs 106 kg, smiles the coach. He came to my house last week and he said to me: “I’m doing 106 as usual”, although I found it stronger than usual”. It may well be that the opponents of the Blues in the World Cup find a Anthony Jelonch even stronger than before, in any case, we hope so.

If Anthony Jelonch, captain in Australia during the 2021 summer tour, is a member of the XV of France, there is no question for Fabien Galthié to forget other recovering players : “His case is one of many. There are many players who are injured that we will follow. It’s a good example, but I wouldn’t want to isolate it because there are other injured players, perhaps less dramatically, and we accompany them all.”

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