Wolves’ Patrick Beverley thinks Warriors are title favorites

Over at ESPN, it seems as though the alarm is going off over concern of the Golden State Warriors’ title chances after Wednesday’s blowout loss against the Grizzlies.

But not everyone is worried. Timberwolves guard Patrick Beverley joined “NBA Today” on Thursday to talk some hoops on the “Worldwide Leader” and not only dismissed the concerns of Richard Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins, but said he thinks the Dubs are title favorites.

“That team winning the championship, I don’t know what y’all watching. These are the Golden State Warriors we’re talking about, man,” he said.

Beverley then immediately pointed at Jordan Poole and Jonathan Kuminga — though he had to check how to pronounce the latter player’s last name — as reasons why the Warriors are still championship contenders.

Perkins then brought up the potential issues Golden State might face in the next round with a team as experienced and talented as the Phoenix Suns, but Beverley brushed that off, too.

“Man, they’re going to run Chris Paul out that gym,” he said, speaking of the Suns’ point guard.

After Wednesday’s bad playoff loss, acting head coach Mike Brown told reporters he wanted to flush this performance down the toilet and move on. While some are still thinking about Game 5 and how it will affect the Warriors’ postseason campaign, Beverley, who has had his fair share of battles with this era of Golden State, is apparently doing just that.

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