Why Warriors offseason is the most encouraging in recent history

Funny, without being offensive. Charming, hip, lovable. Best TV emcee ever? Bert Parks, Billy Crystal, Chris Rock—none of ’em can carry Curry’s jock.

That’s an educated guess. This column was written before Wednesday night’s ESPYs program, but come on, there’s no way Curry didn’t nail it. Life of the party? Hey is the party. He and his Golden State Warriors pals.

It’s their world, the rest of us are just buying popcorn and watching from a front-row seat. They are the best sports entertainment on the planet, the most fun team, the most harmonious ballclub and the most enlightened organization.

Not the best basketball team, though, apparently. The best team this past season was the Boston Celtics, according to noted NBA analyst Grant Williams, who also plays for the Celtics.

“When I’ve reflected and looked back to those (Finals) games,” Williams said, “I still will say confidently, confidently to this day, (the Warriors) weren’t the better team. I will say that confidently.”

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