Why The NBA’s Terrible In-Season Tournament Idea Must Be Scrapped

With the NBA playoffs heading into an enticing crescendo, it’s a good time to discuss a truly terrible idea from the league office. It’s called the “tournament in season”, which could happen as soon as October, and as far as we know, it has no value.

Commissioner Adam Silver says he’s taking a page from European football, except he’s forgotten one thing: there are no playoffs in European leagues, nothing even remotely resembling the aftermath carousel. two-month NBA season. The final standings of the regular season crown the champions, and quite often the most gripping drama takes place in tournaments that hold great significance, including the European Cup, UEFA Cup, Cup Winners’ Cup, League Europa and the most prestigious of all, the mid-season Champions League.

With that in mind, try to figure out what the NBA has in store for you. During the first six weeks of the season, the league will be divided into six pools of five teams each. Four designated dates will count as tournament matches for each team. (Wearing special uniforms! Wow!) The results will determine a group of eight teams – the six pool winners and two wildcard teams – playing a knockout tournament that would end just before Christmas, the players of the winning team would win $500,000. a piece.

“We think that would make sense,” Silver said repeatedly. Whose? The money looks good, though it’s worth noting that the 100th-lowest individual salary this season is around $14 million (per ESPN), with Stephen Curry leading the way with $48 million. In the age of load management and fatigue overload, it’s easy to imagine a number of teams hoping not to make the last eight.

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