Where will Cristiano Ronaldo play according to the bookmakers?

July 20, 2022 at 7:42 PM by Leo Faussemagne

Where will Cristiano Ronaldo play next season? English bookmakers are wondering about its future.

The future from Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United is pending. Eager to play the next Champions League, the Portuguese wants to leave the Red Devils, just one year after his return, to mark, a little more, the history of the C1. In this context, five-time Ballon d’Or winner transfer rumors are numerous: at Chelsea, then at Bayern Munich, as well as at Atlético de Madrid. And for several hours, OM supporters flood Twitter with #RonaldOMin order to attract the Portuguese star to the side of the Velodrome.

OM is not even mentioned by English bookmakers, PSG is.

If the Marseille supporters hope wholeheartedly to seduce Cristiano Ronaldo, to come to the Canebière, the English bookmakers are not considering this option. Olympique de Marseille is not even cited as an outsider, let alone a favorite in this operation. According to the bookmakers, it is even more likely that the Lusitano will return to Madeira, his native island, to play at Nacional Madeira or Maritimo Funchal (at odds of 81). Unless he joins PSGthis pays out 20 times the original bet.

Left to stay at MU, or join Atlético

Otherwise, Cristiano Ronaldo will stay at Manchester United, the most likely outcome (quoted at 1.50). He could, however, return to Madrid but in the red and white colors of Atlético, with odds given at 4 against one. Then come Bayern (rated 7), Sporting Lisbon (rated 10) and Chelsea (rated 17), among the most likely destinations for the Portuguese.

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