“When I was little I was a tomboy!”

The biggest tennis surprise of the last twelve months came during the last Us Open 2021. The very young British Emma Raducanustarting from the qualifiers, won a sensational victory, winning the first Slam in her career and leaving the whole tennis world to mouth open.

Since that day sponsor, changed figures and a notoriety that no one expected but despite this what most surprised are the subsequent results. Emma found great difficulties and was no longer able to express the brilliant tennis showcased at Flushing Meadows.

In a recent interview with the Telegraph, the very young and talented tennis player told about some aspects of her life. Here are her words: “The victory at the US Open? I didn’t give him much space, immediately afterwards I moved on and worked towards my next goal.

I always try to be very focused, in the end if she gets it all too soon you risk losing the spark that launched you.”

Emma Raducanu tells herself

The British then continued telling herself: “I am a really normal person, my mother constantly scolds me and calls me back for the stupidest things.

I am a normal 19 year old girl, the difference is that I only spend a couple of days at home a month. My bedroom is a mess, I’m always packing my bags and when I go to a tournament my mother tells the whole neighborhood.

Lack of results? It happens in this sport, my idea is to play all the tournaments that I can even exaggerate. I have to be honest with myself, be reasonable. Sometimes I need a hand, mentally this job is not easy at all but I try to take advantage of the positive moments.

For me it’s all new but I try not to get depressed after the defeats. As a child she was very shy, my mother enrolled me in dance but I was a ‘tomboy’, I preferred to see racing and motors than dance or paint my nails, then tennis appeared and I realized that I could be good.

The help of the LTA was fundamental and now it is good that my story is influencing so many boys and girls to pick up a racket. I remember when I was little I used to beat boys in tennis and for that I thought I was good. Of course I never thought I’d devote my entire career to doing this sport.

My mother wanted me to continue my studies, but I always thought I could do both. Without tennis I would now be at university.”

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