What if Rudy Gobert had played his… last game with the Jazz?

Utah suffered yesterday the defeat that it should not against Dallas and thus finds itself eliminated from the Playoffs. Is it one more failure for Rudy Gobert’s gang, one too many? Already in some rumors before the start of the postseason, it is possible to say that the tricolor pivot may have played… his last match with the Jazz.

The Utah Jazz this season has sometimes been like a good episode of the Villa des Cœurs Brisés. Small spikes between players through the media, regular ups and downs, sores… No, the team did not arrive in Dallas in the best conditions to play their first round of postseason. And during this confrontation against the Mavericks, no way that will change, otherwise it would not be funny. Rudy Gobert is almost ignored offensively, while his matchup direct it was… Dwight Powell, lol. Being ignored in attack is one thing, because at the limit you can say that if your friends do the job on the side, it’s ok… but it wasn’t the case: gastric series by Donovan Mitchell, the franchise player from Utah over the last six games has been Jordan Clarkson, thanks but no thanks huh. Anyway, all that to say that Rudy has plenty of reason to feel frustrated at a time when the Jazz seem destined for big changes within the franchise.. So at 29, in his career prime and when he has still not tasted the slightest conference final in six appearances in the Playoffs, can the native of Saint-Quentin look elsewhere?

Of course, if things were to explode at Jazz, Rudy Gobert – triple DPOY as we recall – would have no trouble finding suitors. We’re talking about an elite level hoop protector, and a pivot who reads the game very well, capable of compensating for the movements of teammates. Finally, his efforts paid off: RG is today an important deterrent, and even the best attackers think twice before going to challenge the French giant (except Luka Doncic). Offensively he is still able to use his hands, without being a granatakan but again his pick & roll reading offers plenty of points when used. All of these qualities are sure to be sought after by a well-stocked cast of NBA franchises looking to bolster their defense. The only obstacle, Mr. Gobert now weighs 205 million dollars over five years, and he is only in his first year of contract. It will therefore be necessary to make a lot of room to accommodate a salary of more than 37 million dineros next season. Dallas has already shown interest in the man, but we suspect that if Utah were to activate the green light for the departure of the big man, many other teams would try their luck to secure the services of Roudi.

So, will go, won’t go? Nothing is less certain, but Utah will have to clean things up no matter what to breathe new life into a group that has never been able to meet the expectations placed on it. Rudy could thus leave for other basketball horizons, business to follow as they say.

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