What does Stephen Curry need to reach Michael Jordan and LeBron James’ level?

For all Golden State Warriors fans, Stephen Curry is already one of the best basketball players this game has ever seen. This season alone, he surpassed Ray Allen and Reggie Miller as the greatest three-point shooter of all-time. But for some reason, talking about the greatest to ever do it somehow leaves Steph out of the conversation in which Michael Jordan and LeBron James are compared.

Apart from the obvious height issue Stephen Curry has when compared to the other two, are there any other aspects in which he is out gunned by them? Or is Stephen Curry well on his way to become the greatest ever? Back in 2019, Michael Jordan did publicly state Curry didn’t deserve a place in the Hall of Fame.

Stephen Curry in terms of championships.

With his NBA Finals participation this year, this is the sixth time he makes it to the big stage from which he has only won three NBA championships. If he gets to win these finals against the Boston Celticshe will tie LeBron’s four NBA titles in the modern era.

Only Curry would have a better ratio as LeBron James won four out of ten finals he played. That’s where Michael Jordan completely obliterated the two of them because he won six out of six throughout his career. The man is completely untouched with an immaculate record and two different three-peats with the Chicago Bulls.

But Stephen Curry can surpass both legends when it’s all said and done, he still has a long time to win another three championships to tie Michael Jordan and surpasses LeBron James. These Warriors are already considered a dynasty and they proved this season they are ready to get themselves in another groove compared to the one from the time they played five consecutive finals.

Should they jump start another run like that, they are certainly going to be a problem for all the other NBA teams in the next five years. Stephen Curry doesn’t care about height, he only cares about finishing on top of anybody else.


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