“We stay up there”, welcomes Jean Patry after the victory of the Blues in the League of Nations

“How do you feel after this new title, the 5th for the French team?
It’s fun. We stay up there, we know how to play finals, we win them, we know above all how to be in a continuity of podiums, whatever the tournament. We have to get used to staying on the podiums and that’s what we do, in a good way. It’s quite incredible, we enjoy it. We make our entrances, we win the matches, everything is going well. We want to continue this. At the World Championship (August 26 – September 11 in Poland and Slovenia)it will be something else, there will be more pressure, we expect something harder.

This final against the United States was incredible. How did you manage to get up after seeing your two sets lead fly away?
The Americans changed their squad and that put us in a little difficulty, but it didn’t panic us. As Andrea said (Giani, the coach), in volleyball you take shots and you put some. We got punched in the first and second sets, we received some in the third and fourth and we put a final charge in the fifth, knowing that we could do it. We never doubted that we could win this match. We knew how to take the hits, let the storm pass because in these two sets, they were still very successful, on certain points we almost laughed about it. We had to wait and give everything in the tie-break, that’s what we did.

On the podium, you once again paid tribute to Xavier Richefort, the journalist from the L’Équipe channel who died on Friday.
He was in our head throughout this final phase of the League of Nations. We were all saddened because he was very close to all the players. My father knew him very, very well and it was I who told him the news. We wanted to pay tribute to him with our level of play. It’s a game he would have liked to see, it’s a victory he would have liked to comment on. Maybe he saw her. What is certain is that there was an energy that was among us. He was maybe a bit with us too. »


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