“We know very well that there was a little offense of dirty mouth”

Dimitri Payet did not have the expected playing time this season and his performance against Angers can leave regrets. According to Jérôme Rothen, it would be a dirty-mouthed offence, especially at the start of the season!

Igor Tudor has made choices in its workforce for this season. Marseille Olympics was especially able to count on Under, Sanchez or Hari when he was physically fit at the start of the season. Offensively, the Croatian coach had a choice but did not always trust Dimitri Payet… So much so that his absence from certain matches was no longer even in the news. This Sunday, he shone against the Angers SCO by being a holder, enough to revive the debate.

On RMC in his show, Jérôme Rothen spoke about it. The former PSG player did not really appreciate the treatment of OM number 10. “We know very well that there was a little dirty mouth offense at the start of the season, deplores the consultant. Before to set up his game project, the first thing he did was to dismiss Payet, a great craftsman in 2nd place last season. It cannot be said that this choice proved (Igor) Tudor wrong. But very often during the match, we saw the shortcomings of OM. We said to ourselves more than once: ‘but why doesn’t Payet play?’ In the second half of the season, on draws at home where it lacked creativity and technical class, I find that there is no equivalent to Payet in this role. He could very well fit into the Tudor system. We saw it against Angers, it did not denote in the Tudor system”

Di Meco would not digest a departure from Payet

On RMC this Monday, Eric Di Meco spoke about it. The former OM player would not like this meeting to be the last for Marseille number 10. “We will always minimize the fact that it is simply Angers opposite but nevertheless he showed a state of mind above all suspicion when he had a difficult season. Do not get out of the nails after having lived this season… We have never seen him when he could have caused a mess in the locker room. When you see what he is doing in Angers, I wonder why not finish the season he has left in the contract. Me, it would bother me if he left given the number of years he’s lived and that this is his last match, said the former defender. You have to put yourself in his place for a few minutes. He’s 36, if Tudor stays he’ll get the same treatment. Preparing a Tudor with his methods must be difficult. At the end of his career, it can be annoying to suffer knowing that he will not have much playing time.

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