Venus Williams hilariously responds when asked about coaching Stefanos Tsitsipas

Seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams held a Q&A session with fans and dropped a joke when asked whether there was a chance of seeing her coach Stefanos Tsitsipas one day. Williams stated that “a lot of people have a crush on Tsitsipas” and jokingly added that she guesses the fan asked her about coaching Tsitsipas simply because he is great player.

Through the Instagram account of her fashion brand EleVen By Venus, Williams was asked a question that read: “Coach Stefanos Tsitsipas later?” Former world No. 1 Williams replied: “I find a lot of people have a crush on him.

But I’m just assuming you want me to coach someone with a great game (smiling emoji).” One fan wanted to know what was Williams’ least favorite shot. But Williams didn’t want to reveal that one because he doesn’t want to give her rivals any type of edge.

“Something basic. But I can’t give my opponents any clues. Haha,” Williams said.

Williams to NextGen: Be like Serena Williams

Venus Williams is an all-time great and she will forever be remembered as a great champion.

“What’s the biggest tips for life on the Tour that you would pass onto the NextGen?” one of the questions she received read. Venus answered: “Be like Serena Williams. Tough task.” Serena, 40, is set to retire from professional tennis at this year’s US Open.

Venus and Serena have accomplished a lot and they will forever be remembered as the greatest sister duo in WTA history. In a recent interview, Serena revealed she and Venus don’t really talk about tennis as much as they used to.

“Honestly, we don’t talk a lot about tennis,” Serena recently said. “I think after a hundred years of talking tennis together we just, that’s like a subject we don’t talk about anymore really. But, yeah, it’s good to just be around.

And when she’s around, it’s just, it’s cool. I mean, she’s Venus Williams.” Venus will also be at the US Open as this week the tournament organizers announced her as one of the wildcard recipients.

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