Two Auvergne nationals in the French 3×3 basketball team

The French Basketball Federation communicated, this Thursday, October 21, the new management of the France 3×3 teams with the appointments of Yann Julien as high-level 3×3 manager, and Karim Souchu as new coach.

Olympic Games Basketball 3×3: Auvergne Laëtitia Guapo and Les Bleues fail at the foot of the podium

The latter called on 14 players, including 2 Auvergnats, for an internship from November 8 to 12 at Insep during the international 5×5 basketball break. Fourth in the last Olympic Games and bronze medalist in the European Cup at the beginning of September in Paris, Laëtitia Guapo (26, Bourges Basket) is joined by another Auvergne: Joanne Lauvergne (25), daughter of Stéphane and sister of Joffrey, who has been evolving since this season at Charnay in the Women’s League.

Two major events are scheduled for 2022 with the World Cup in Antwerp (Belgium) in June and the European Cup in Graz (Austria) in September.

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