Tricky decathlon start for Kevin Mayer

Mathieu WARNIER, Media365, published on Saturday July 23, 2022 at 10:10 p.m.

If he limited the damage in the 100m and the length, Kevin Mayer achieved a shot put competition far from his standards and advanced to fifth place at the end of these three events.

Kevin Mayer will have to revive. At the end of the first three events of the decathlon of the world championships, the Olympic vice-champion is not on a dynamic allowing him to hope for a medal. However, on the occasion of the 100m, everything had started well. Sixth in his series in 10”62, his best time of the season and twelve hundredths of his personal best, the native of Argenteuil dropped less than 100 points compared to Damian Warner, Olympic champion and announced favorite of the decathlon. The length competition was a little less pleasing. Indeed, Kevin Mayer started with a first biting try before securing a mark at 7.51m. Being able to attack on his last attempt, the world record holder only added three centimeters to his benchmark, failing a good distance from his best performance in his career.

Warner already in front, Mayer will have to react

Fortunately for the Francilien, his main rival Damian Warner did not shine because, if he won the competition, he could not do better than 7.87m and returned almost 40 centimeters to his personal best. The weight contest, on which Kevin Mayer has a clear advantage over most of his competitors, did not allow the Habs to hit hard. With a mark of 14.98m on the first try and two other missed attempts, finishing in ninth place, the Olympic vice-champion in Tokyo was beaten by Damian Warner by one centimeter. A counter-performance that does not allow him to take advantage of one of his strong disciplines. At the end of these three events, Kevin Mayer has accumulated 2680 points and is in fifth place in the general classification, 164 points from the leader and 26 lengths from the podium while there remains the height competition then the 400m to conclude. that first day.

Ranking after 3 rounds – Saturday July 23, 2022
1- Damian Warner (CAN) 2846 points
2- Zachery Ziemek (USA) 2756
3- Ayden Owens-Delerme (PUR) 2728
4- Pierce Lepage (CAN) 2725
5– Kevin Mayer (FRA) 2680

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