Tracy McGrady sees two future NBA stars in 2022 draft

NBA legend Tracy McGrady sees two future stars in the 2022 NBA Draft and one of them is obvious, the other not so much.

In a conversation with NBC Sports Washington about his new 1-on-1 league, the Ones Basketball League, McGrady highlighted two guys who he thinks are next.

I like the kid Johnny Davis. I think he has the ability to be a star in today’s game. I think Jabari Smith has the ability to be a star in today’s game. Those two really stand out to me of having that potential to be perennial All-Stars in the NBA,” McGrady said.

Smith Jr. would be the obvious one, as he is the odds-on favorite to be picked first overall by the Orlando Magic. Davis, however, is expected to go outside of the top-5 and could be on the board when the Wizards are drafting at 10th overall.

The Wizards hosted Davis for a pre-draft workout last week. He is a 6-foot-5 guard from the University of Wisconsin who averaged 19.7 points and 8.2 rebounds per game last season as a sophomore.

Davis isn’t considered a top-5 pick by most evaluators because he shot just 30.6% from three last season and because he’s not a high-flier around the rim. But he was very productive in college, is a smart and skilled offensive player and has the potential to make an impact on the defensive end as well.

If he’s there at 10, the Wizards could take Davis to develop behind Bradley Beal at the two. If McGrady’s right, Davis could turn into much more than a back-up.

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