Top 14 – Arlettaz (USAP): “We want to be the first to win an Access Match forever”

USAP coach Patrick Arlettaz has already forgotten the frustration of the insufficient victory against Bordeaux and is looking forward to the Access Match in Mont-de-Marsan next Sunday.

Usually voluble, Patrick Arlettaz, the USAP manager, did not linger at a press conference this Sunday evening after the victory against Bordeaux (22-15). Insufficient victory to ensure maintenance, Brive having won on the lawn of a demobilized French Stadium.

A few minutes, a few messages, no questions from journalists … No, this Sunday evening, Patrick Arlettaz did not really want to talk. He just had a message to convey: the USAP wants to stay in the Top 14 even if it means making history. “This week, we are going to skip the video of OM’s victory in the European Cup 30 years ago, and we are also going to try to be ‘Forever the first’. No Top 14 club has never won the Access Match. We’re going to say to ourselves that we want to be the first to have done it forever.”

During his short stint at a press conference, Patrick Arlettaz still made a slight tackle at Stade Français. “They said: ‘Let the USAP do its job first and we’ll see’. Well, we did it and them? We showed the true values ​​of rugby. Afterwards, when we are the first budget of France and that we do not qualify, we can ask ourselves questions. Today, we understand why”.

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