Tony Estanguet indicates that boxing will remain at Roland-Garros for the 2024 Olympic Games

Tony Estanguet indicated that the boxing events of the Paris Olympic Games should take place at the Roland-Garros stadium in 2024 as planned since the beginning of the Olympic adventure. Present Thursday at the Olympic velodrome in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines for the launch of a “site tour”, the president of the Olympic Games organizing committee indicated that there were no other sites at the ‘study.

A new map of the sites and the place of the basketball competition arrested in July

Tony Estanguet confirmed that the new venue map (the fourth since the launch of the bid) will be finalized at the July OCOG board meeting. “For basketball, if it should impact other sports, we will talk about it at that time. » He indicated that the OCOG was looking “everything that is possible, whether in Paris or in the provinces”.

This second option should hardly please the international federation (FIBA) and the city of Paris who want all the basketball events (the final stages will be played in a safe way at Bercy) to take place in the capital. “We are studying different options to offer the best balance and the best conditions of practice to basketball players, but also potentially to all sports by 2024”, added Estanguet.

Asked about the course of the flame, the president of the OCOG indicated that the initial objective of around fifty departments had been exceeded. “There too the process is underway, recalled the three-time Olympic champion. The objective is to finalize it by the July board meeting.. Several departments had let it be known that they were renouncing to be a candidate in view of the requested participation of 150,000 euros (excluding taxes).


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