“They will always judge you”

Paula Badosa is one of the most beautiful and talented female Tourt tennis players. Last year, we saw this tennis player come closer to the top, reaching the second position in the WTA rankings in April. Little by little things changed Paula slipped far behind and chained a series of negative results.

Some clever there has also been talk of a tennis player distracted by the love and sponsorships that have rained on the tennis player in recent months. Paula Badosa has been engaged since 2021 to model and actor Juan Betancourtconsidered one of the most handsome men in the world.

The couple are extraordinarily beautiful and the two often make fans dream with cute posts on social networks.

Paula Badosa on her love affair: “They will always judge you”

The tennis player talked about this and more during an interview with Glamour.

Here are his words:For me it was very difficult to announce this relationship. It’s bad for a female athlete because she will always judge you: if you win or lose, it will always be because of your relationship. You have to get used to all this and go beyond these commentss.

It’s true that I’m a tennis player, but I’m also a person. Just like my partner and we both tend to take it easy.” Not only her romance but also her possible motherhood. Of Serena Williams and many other tennis players, some often take into consideration the idea of play and then immediately return to the circuit, while continuing to do well.

Paula discussed this possibility as follows: “I think that in sport, motherhood has ceased to be a taboo, fortunately. In recent years, several tennis players have become mothers and all this is very beautiful. It is difficult to combine the two, but they succeeded. That all these things seem normal, it’s really, really nice.”

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