Théo Pichard chooses Monaco to start his career

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Betclic ELITE – Théo Pichard chose AS Monaco to start his professional career. This leading manager from Loiret was the best passer in the France Pole in 2022-2023.

The French Basketball Federation (FFBB) has announced that Theo Pichard (1.98 m, 18 years old) signed up with AS Monaco to start his professional career. This tall managerial leader is coming out of three seasons at the Pôle France. In a profile that notably recalls Laurent Sciarra, he was the best passer in Lamine Kebe’s squad in 2022-2023 (4.3 assists), in addition to scoring 5.5 points at 39.1% shooting success. , take 3.3 rebounds and steal 1.4 balls per game. The Loiretain will therefore realize his dream by rubbing shoulders with the EuroLeague very closely. During the U17 World Cup, which ended with the bronze medal last summer, he told us this:

“I watch a lot of EuroLeague. I don’t close any doors. If I have to go to the United States in college basketball or the NBA, I will go there but European basketball I think suits me more on the fact of playing together, sharing the ball, the picks and rolls… It’s less about the physical, it’s more about the intelligence of the game, the movements… I think it suits me better. »

To impose himself at the top level, and in particular in the French championship which is very athletic, the brother of the former Hope of Limoges CSP Clément Pichard must continue to progress physically to hold the duels with leaders of smaller size, more lively and athletic.

“The defense was a problem for me because physically I couldn’t, he admitted in Andalusia at the beginning of July 2022. But there I am starting to have canes, to be able to defend all terrain and help my team defensively. »

The other point of progress is his outside shooting. He indeed finished with 16.3% success behind the arc in Men’s National 1 this season. There is no doubt that with his passion and his will, Théo Pichard will be able to adapt in order to live a rich experience. Like Rudy Demahis-Ballou before him? The Norman leader had chosen Monaco to start his professional career when he left the Pole France in 2020. He had been empowered by Zvezdan Mitrovic both in EuroCup and in Betclic ELITE. But since then, the Roca Team has changed coaches and entered a new era by being one of the very best teams in Europe.


May 5, 2023 at 12:29 PM

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