The winner of the US Amateur targeted on social networks for his extreme slowness!

Winner of the US Amateur on Sunday, Sam Bennett went down in golf history, but it was above all the particularly painful routine of the 22-year-old Texan that made viewers who watched the final react.

His name now appears on the Havemeyer Trophy, alongside Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus but the new US Amateur champion, Sam Bennetthas also been noticed by golf fans who criticize him for dragging on the ball.

12 looks!

They are several to have filmed their small screen during the retransmission in order to post the video of his endless routine.

Winner 1 up from Ben Carr at the end of the 36 holes played on the course of Ridgewood Country Club in New Jersey, Bennett infuriated viewers by spending nearly 40 seconds at address in front of the ball.

In total, on certain shots, the American looks at the target no less than 12 times, seizing and re-grabbing the club as many times before playing!


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