The unprecedented dirty trick that Robert Lewandowski is preparing for Bayern Munich

How beautiful was the love story between Bayern Munich and Robert Lewandowski. Only, after eight years of relationship, everything is turning sour, following the departure wishes of the Polish striker, coveted by FC Barcelona. Sulphurous statements interposed, spades in the media, interested filtrations… The two parties can no longer agree.

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Only, if Barça dreams of enlisting him and the main concerned has already given the green light to join Catalonia, it is Bayern Munich who has the last word in this story, since the player is still under contract for a year with the German champion. Or at least that’s what one might think, since Mundo Deportivo reveals information that can make the Bavarians tremble.

A drastic measure

The newspaper indicates that the striker is thinking of unilaterally breaking the contract which binds him to the German team. Article 17 of the FIFA regulations would indeed allow him to do so, in particular because he meets the required criteria, namely to play in a foreign championship from that of his country, to be over 28 years old and to have passed at least three seasons with the club. However, he should pay compensation, which would surely be covered by FC Barcelona.

It will in any case be much lower than the amounts claimed by Bayern, who would like to recover between 30 and 40 million euros for the player, and the La Liga club would therefore also be a winner in this story. So now it remains to be seen if Lewy will go so far as to use this drastic method, or if a solution that suits everyone can be found…

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