The tennis courts at Recreation Park

(WBNG) — For this edition of “You Ask, We Answer” 12 News spoke with the City of Binghamton Mayor, Jared Kraham about why the tennis courts at Recreation Park are still not completed.

The full question from the viewer says, “What is the status of the tennis courts at Recreation Park? They have been done and redone, but now lay uncompleted for well over a month. A great deal of money was spent on the project and repeat of the project, why aren’t they open?”

When the courts were sealed with the coating, it created what’s called a vapor lock because there was an error during the construction.

“What was determined through months of investigation was that a top coating system was faulty on the courts. That coating system basically created a vapor lock on the courts and didn’t let the asphalt breathe as it should naturally,” Mayor Kraham said. “That caused vapor to blast through the top layer. Think [of it as] putting saran wrap on pizza. It caused the courts to delaminate and blister.”

The mayor is hoping to begin laminating the courts the first week of August, but this time it will be done in sections. It takes about three weeks for the asphalt to settle and then officials will make sure it’s up to the right standards.

After the sections are deemed usable, then the rest of the court will be paved and need another three weeks to dry. Kraham said it will be completed this construction cycle at no extra cost to the city or to taxpayers.

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