the security of the Olympic Games at the heart of an alarmist report by the Court of Auditors

The Court of Auditors is sounding the alarm on the preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In a confidential 76-page report, revealed by the chained duck and of which AFP has taken cognizance, the Court insists on the necessity “to anticipate a general and massive mobilization of material and human resources to ensure the security of the Games“. A final version of this report is expected by the end of the year.

Judging “imperative“to step up the pace to meet the security challenge”considerable“what this event represents, the Court of Auditors lists all the shortcomings to be taken into account: hospital capacity, public safety, health, terrorist risks, cyber risks, problem of acceptability of games by the population…

Two years before the deadline, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron will meet on Monday July 25 at the Elysée Palace with Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne and Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin in particular to take stock.

The Court obviously evokes the opening ceremony, unprecedented. Ardently desired by Emmanuel Macron and the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, it is designed as a great river parade on the Seine and accessible to the public. It was planned in the initial project an armada of 200 boats and 600,000 spectators. Unsurprisingly, the report suggests downsizing the fleet, conducting simulations ahead of the ceremony, and rearranging the event schedule on the day and day after the opening ceremony to “ease the pressure on the security forces“.

We are extremely humbled by the security challenges raised by the organization of these Olympic Games and we are working in close collaboration with all the services concerned.“, assured AFP the organizing committee of the Olympic Games.

Another subject of concern, the safety of the Olympic torch relay, scheduled from mid-April to July 26, 2024, a journey of 80 days for a course of approximately 12,000 km. The Court notes that the route could be reduced and recommends entrusting the responsibility to the gendarmerie, given its experience in securing the Tour de France.

Another striking point raised by the Court of Auditors, the preliminary report pleads for a “overall action plan” in terms of cybersecurity, due to “massively developing risks“. To prevent drone attacks, it is suggested that a “3D bubble at low altitude to secure airspace around venues and celebration locations“.”There are a number of recommendations in this report that we are already working on“, underlined the Paris 2024 committee which already ensured in June 2022, to make security issues a priority.

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