the reservists were called up by Deacon, Asseyi exasperated by her non-selection

Info RMC Sport – Corinne Deacon and her deputies have called in turn the 10 reservists who will have to be ready in the event of a forfeit or injury to one of the 23 called up. According to our information, Viviane Asseyi, a member of this list of reservists, communicated to the coach her deep disappointment after her non-selection.

True to what she had announced during the press conference for her list, Corinne Deacon and her staff called the 10 reservists who will have to be ready in the event of a package for Euro 2022 (from July 6 to 31). Among these reservists, we find in particular, according to our information, two goalkeepers including Constance Picaud (Paris Saint-Germain), her teammate Elisa De Almeida, the Lyon side Perle Morroni, or the Bayern Munich winger Viviane Asseyi .

Following the announcement of the list on Monday, Corinne Deacon therefore called Viviane Asseyi. During this telephone exchange, Asseyi appeared, according to our information, more than exceeded by her absence in the list of 23. Not understanding the choice of the boss of the Blue, telling her that she had always been faithful to her principles .

Asseyi has only missed one rally since the 2019 World Cup

The striker had been summoned to each rally since the 2019 World Cup by Deacon with the exception of that of February 2021 (operated on an ankle). But in the 2021-2022 financial year his playing time had been drastically reduced with the Blues: two goals scored, only one start, 5 appearances and 4 games on the sidelines. A season like his performances at Bayern Munich (7 starts in 22 league days).

Performances below past seasons which may have pushed Corinne Deacon not to select her in favor of Paris FC striker Ouleymata Sarr having a different profile and allowing Deacon to have another top striker “capable of take the depth”.

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