“The players are ready and motivated”

In what state of mind do you start the championship?

We can’t wait to get started. The period of friendly matches is quite long. We want to enter the competition quickly, face the teams that we will meet during the year. It starts with a big chunk with this match against Dijon.

Lis the team ready in your opinion?

There are still things to settle but we have set up our way of playing during the friendly matches. Apart from the last ten minutes against Angers, I was quite satisfied. We worked this week on our team and what Dijon is capable of putting in place. I feel my players ready and motivated.

Have you already acquired certain certainties during this preparation?

My certainty is that we must set up our game, try to push the opponent to make mistakes by imposing our strengths. We showed in the friendlies that we were capable of keeping the ball and putting the opposing teams in difficulty. We still need to score more goals.

Ce sera un match difficile, il faudra mettre en place un projet de jeu solide pour contrecarrer leur façon de jouer.

Have you already identified strengths within your team?

It is still early to answer this question. You have to allow yourself time, I will be able to make an initial assessment after about ten days. This will allow us to position ourselves in relation to the competition, at the level of the championship. Until then, we will work and move forward. We will see after 10 matches on what basis we are.

Will some players be deprived of this first day of the championship for medical reasons?

Dylan Chambost, Yvan Neyou, Harold Moukoudi, and Antoine Gautier will not be with us in Dijon. Charles Abi and Aïmen Moueffek are in recovery, they will also miss the meeting. Mathieu Cafaro and Victor Lobry have no physical problems to deplore. After the sessions that I observed this week, they are ready and can even claim to start the meeting.

How do you view this first match against Dijon, which observers see as a serious underdog?

Dijon is a big part of this championship. Last year, they had made a big recruitment and many were those who saw them go up in Ligue 1 Uber Eats. This season, they have refined their squad and welcomed a new coach. It will be a difficult match, it will be necessary to put in place a solid game plan to thwart their way of playing.

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