the Parisian stars left for the Meinau

There are about twenty of them waiting for the arrival of PSG in front of the Sofitel this Friday, April 29 around 11 a.m. ” What ? It’s true ? Is there PSG? enthuses Méline. She is passing through Strasbourg to go shopping with her friends from Switzerland. “We said to ourselves:” what is all this people? “, She adds. The shopping will wait, because even if the three do not follow football, they hope to see Mbappé. , you’re going up the wall!” throws another… They finally give up in the face of the wait, without knowing the time of arrival of the players.

[11:30] Sahabe, in her twenties, has been waiting since 10:30 a.m. “They came there last year, I thought they were going to come back here,” he explains. Before adding: “I have a message to send to Mbappé: he must extend to PSG! »

Passers-by, curious, ask all goes: “Who are you waiting for? “Some leave immediately, having no interest in football.

“One love and forever, Racing Club de Strasbourg! »

“One love and forever, Racing Club de Strasbourg! intones, teasingly, a resident passing in front of the Sofitel. “I came to instinct, confides Mathéo, also in his twenties. They were there last year. And of course the youngster has his place in tonight’s game. No matter the time of arrival, he is ready to wait as long as it takes.

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[12:15] Daniel, on his bike, is an early supporter of Racing, but he still intends to see the PSG players. “I was already there last year when they left the hotel to go on the bus,” he says. He’s been waiting for a good hour already. He did not have the chance to get his place to see the match and plans to take out a subscription.

“I don’t eat, I don’t care,” says a young man to his friends who join the fans waiting behind the barriers. They are now about thirty to wait.

[12:45] They are now about sixty to wait. Some managed to sneak onto the terrace of the Sofitel.

[13:10] A clamor rises on the Place Saint-Pierre le Jeune: the PSG players have arrived!

[13 :15] The bus emptied, the crowd dispersed, they were more than a hundred to settle down to hope to see their idols.

End of the day: hundreds of fans in front of the Sofitel!

[18 :20] There is a crowd in front of the Sofitel! Several hundred people gathered along the security barriers, requiring the establishment of a CRS device. Everyone hopes to see the players when they leave for La Meinau, because it is there that the last act of this exceptional day will be played!

[19 :00] The players come out of the hotel, and it’s delirium. The crowd shouts “Messi” but does not forget his allegiance: the “Go Strasbourg” are also in order!

[19 :06] That’s it, the players are in their car. Next at 9 p.m.!


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