The owner of Nice has made a last-minute XXL offer to buy Chelsea!

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New twist in the sale of Chelsea! As a reminder, following the forced departure of Roman Abramovich, the Blues are for sale. Three candidates were also to compete in the “final” of the process: Todd Boehly, Sir Martin Broughton and Stephen Pagliuca. But yesterday, Sky Sports announced bad news.

Abramovich is reportedly asking for an additional £500million. Estimated at 2 billion pounds sterling, the London club is therefore now for sale for 2.5 billion pounds sterling (about 3 billion euros). What to derail the sale? Well no ! The Times has just dropped a real bombshell by revealing that the owner of OGC Nice, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, has made a last minute offer!

£4 billion on the table

“We made an offer this morning. We are the only British application. Our motives are simply to try to create a very nice club in London. We have no profit because we earn our money in other ways”, Ratcliffe told the newspaper. And what an offer! The wealthy British businessman has indeed made an offer of just over 4 billion pounds sterling, or 4.7 billion euros!

An amount much higher than the fixed price, but which should be explained. Indeed, of that £4billion, the offer would include the £2.5billion sale price and a promise to invest £1.75billion over ten years in the club in terms of stadium development. , team and infrastructure. The INEOS boss is so confident he has made it known his company has the funds to close the deal this weekend!

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