the Marseillais play a match “at 50 M€” against Stade Rennais

Zapping Goal! soccer club OM: top 10 market values ​​of Phocaeans

This Saturday evening, OM are playing very hard against Stade Rennais at Roazhon Park. If, in the event of a victory or even a draw, Jorge Sampaoli’s men have the opportunity to validate their place in the Champions League for the 2022-23 season, a poor performance would be catastrophic for finances.

Stratospheric income in the event of second place

The team values ​​​​this second place in Ligue 1, directly qualifying for the final phase of the Champions League “between 35 and 50 M€, even without winning the slightest match (2.8 M€ victory in C1) nor take the slightest point (0.93 M€ for a draw) and not to mention a possible qualification for the knockout phase (9.6 M€ for the 8th, 10.6 M€ for the quarters)”.

When we know that Pablo Longoria took a lot of risks on the last Mercato, the latter does not really have a choice and must finish on the L1 podium. In the event of failure, it would still be up to Frank McCourt to take out the checkbook to absorb the pain and finalize the numerous staggered payments, negotiated by the Spaniard to build the team. More than ever, the Rennes match is a turning point for OM’s future.

OM play a €50m match

L’Equipe quantified the importance of second place in Ligue 1 for OM. The figures make you dizzy and put pressure on the Olympians before the trip to Rennes this Saturday evening. Qualification for the C1 is more essential than ever.

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