the main problem of Lirola targeted

Zapping Goal! soccer club OM: the figures of the coaching career of Jorge Sampaoli

Thursday, against Feyenoord Rotterdam in the semi-finals of the Europa League Conference, Pol Lirola made a catastrophic entry into play, losing half of the balls he touched. Since the start of the season, the Spanish side, so brilliant from January to May 2021, to the point of winning a permanent transfer to OM, is only a shadow of himself. Asked about the subject at a press conference on Friday, Jorge Sampaoli explained that his problem was that he did not necessarily listen to his coach but to the people around him.

In today’s La Provence, former defender Fabien Laurenti, who now works for France Bleu, gave another analysis: “He doubts a lot. Last year, he was on loan and had to go get a contract at the ‘OM. Is he resting on his laurels? I don’t know. He looks professional. I think his problem is mental and he can’t regain his confidence. Is he put in the best conditions? The journalist from the Marseille daily Fabrice Lamperti adds that Lirola suffers enormously from the criticisms against him. In conclusion, the Spaniard has a big confidence problem…

to summarize

Far from his best level since the start of the season, Pol Lirola was the subject of a rather harsh comment from his coach at OM, Jorge Sampaoli, on Friday. But it looks like the Spaniard is really hurt by the criticism towards him.

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