The lunar underside of OL’s catastrophic season

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Eighth in the Ligue 1 standings, Olympique Lyonnais has a very good chance of not being European next season. A huge snub for the club of Jean-Michel Aulas who, if he has not fought for the title for several years, nevertheless used to console himself by treading European lawns. This time, the Rhodanians risk experiencing a dry 2022/2023 exercise.

A disaster marked by several highlights such as the dismissal of Marcelo at the very beginning of the season, the express departure of Juninho or even “star” recruits (Boateng, Shaqiri) supposed to help the Gones but who finally became huge flops. And that’s the outline. In today’s edition, The Team revealed to us in detail the secrets that helped make this 2021/2022 season a nightmare. It all started in May 2021, when OL were looking for a successor to Rudi Garcia. The Lyon decision-makers had drawn up a list with several profiles. In the end, the choice fell on Christophe Galtier.

A secret dinner is organized in the capital of Gaul on May 25. The same evening, the information comes out in the media while Galtier must meet Nice the next day. Something to make him think about. On May 26, an interview with Rudi Garcia comes out, in which the coach complains about working conditions with Juninho. A detail that will weigh heavily since Galtier announces to OL that he will have difficulty working with the Brazilian, before signing with the Aiglons. Jean-Michel Aulas and Vincent Ponsot then implicitly blamed “Juni” for this failure.

Marcelo’s flatulence cost him dearly

In the transfer window, in addition to various inconsistent choices such as the Swiss Shaqiri, The Team confirms that OL were not aware that their German rookie Jérôme Boateng was the subject of a trial for assault on his partner. In the radius of departures, the Marcelo case marked this season. Plagued who became important again last season, the Brazilian defender was once again thrown into oblivion, especially after the slap received by Lyon in Angers (0-3). A meeting at the end of which Peter Bosz and Juninho decide to dismiss him because of his performance and inappropriate behavior in the locker room, namely flatulence which made the player laugh, but not Juninho.

For his part, Bosz is not free from reproach. His choices are constantly changing, he quickly showed discouragement and said he was very surprised by the mentality of the Lyon players. Add to that several falling out between players and failing executives and you get an explosive cocktail. But what about the Juninho case? When the Brazilian announces his probable departure at the microphone of RMC in the middle of the season, OL fell from a height and accused him of wanting to flee. The former midfielder is certainly an OL legend, but he feels uncomfortable and refuses to collaborate with several people in place, including Bruno Cheyrou. His relations with Vincent Ponsot are also execrable. “I don’t like you, and neither do you, but we have to work together,” he told him during a meeting according to the newspaper. A melodrama among many others that have made this 2021/2022 season for OL a sadly noticed exercise.

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