the Irish end up cracking, Ramos has gold in his feet

A quarter of madness, Ramos inspired and ultra-precise and Healy who can bite his fingers… Find the Tops and Flops of Toulouse’s victory against Munster at the end of the suspense (24-24, 4-2 tabs) .


The Fabulous Thomas Ramos

The back of Stade Toulousain was simply huge on the lawn of Aviva Stadium this Saturday afternoon. Thomas Ramos succeeded in all the kicks he had to attempt (4) and brought 9 points out of 24 to Haut-Garonne. In addition to his precision on foot, he was omnipresent on the pitch with great activity, he was everywhere to defend well and launch many Toulouse offensives. The 27-year-old also converted his shot on goal from 22 yards. A match full of Thomas Ramos who kept the match ball to immortalize his superb performance in this crazy quarter-final.

Matthis Lebel wakes up

In difficulty for several months and under fire from critics, Matthis Lebel came out of his hole and responded in the most beautiful way. He scored two tries for Stade Toulousain against the Irish. On his first try, he only has to flatten to the right at the end of the line after a last pass from Thomas Ramos following a good action initiated after a scrum (26th). Lebel then relaunched a Stade Toulousain in the hard way and in what way. On a blind pass from Mauvaka after a touch, Lebel was happy to mystify Zebo with an extraordinary right foot support (66th). With 10 points offered to Stade Toulousain, Matthis Lebel saved the Stade by allowing it to snatch extra time and qualify.

Very nice rugby at the Aviva Stadium

This quarter-final between Munster and Stade Toulousain was really fun to watch. Game, shocks, no calculation and a lot of rhythm. A really good rugby match with a lot of quality which was also served by the completely crazy scenario. This high-flying meeting ends cruelly on penalties with a victory for Toulouse. What a foot!


Healy misses match points

It is difficult to distribute bad points this Saturday as the players in this quarter-final gave us a great show and a match full of suspense. But Healy missed the match point twice. A first by failing on a penalty from 55 meters at the last minute of regulation time which goes a hair below the crossbar. Then he misses the drop that would have offered victory to his team in the last minutes of extra time. Two failures which necessarily played mentally from the rear substitute of Munster who missed his two attempts during the penalty shootout.

Carbery not successful

Healy was not the only failure on the foot game on the side of Munster. Carbery wasn’t having a great day either. The Irish flyhalf certainly managed 4 kicks but he also missed two penalties and dropped 6 points along the way which would have necessarily counted at the end of regulation time. He could have given his team the advantage just before the break and allowed them to have a 6-point lead as soon as they returned from the locker room. A bad game from an accounting point of view, especially when you know the result.


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