The great fear of Marion Rousse

A few days before the start of the women’s Tour de France, Marion Rousse spoke of her main fears as director of this new Grande Boucle.

Marion Rousse was able to breathe a little, Monday. It was indeed a rest day for the riders of the Tour de France and it was the same for the commentators of the Grande Boucle. The former champion of France has not been idle for all that. Blame it on her cap as director of the women’s Tour de France, which will start from Paris this Sunday when the men will finish their three weeks of racing.

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The Northerner will be in the front line, as is Christian Prudhomme on the Tour de France. ” It will be exactly the same role, except that it will be Marion Rousse and not Christian Prudhomme. we have the same responsibilities, she said in an interview with Morning. It’s a job that obviously takes a lot of time. You are there to make decisions upstream, go see local authorities to create links, from A to Z, and manage budgets. It’s an exciting role. »

However, the role is not easy and comes with some anxiety. ” Safety is the most important point when you are a race director. We must remember that it is a dangerous sport and it is true that we see more and more falls in the peloton, she explained. If there are things that we do not control, we must put in place everything we can to ensure that the roads are beautiful and that the arrivals are not dangerous. Fortunately, we have the Republican Guard accompanying us. This is a big plus to secure the whole course. We make every effort to ensure that, if something serious happens, we must be able to intervene with ambulances. Yes, that’s my biggest fear. »

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