The eye of Denis Balbir: “The return of Lacazette, a strong act”

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“At the end of his contract at Arsenal, Alexandre Lacazette will return to OL. It is a strong act. It’s something extraordinary, wonderful. By making this choice to join OL when he probably had superior offers from elsewhere, it proves all the love that Lacazette has for this shirt, for this institution.

Coming back to a club is always easier when the club wins, competes in the European Cup. There, Lyon no longer touches the peaks. Even if he enjoys a good image with supporters, Alexandre Lacazette did not choose comfort and ease. Today, Lacazette returns to help the club that trained him. A club that needs a headliner to move forward. Participating in the reconstruction of your club when you can continue to raise a lot of money elsewhere is a gesture to be welcomed. This shows all his humility, all his desire, all his ambition as well. What Lacazette does is an example. To draw a parallel with Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United a year ago, that says a lot about his character.

“For OL and Aulas, this return is a godsend”

Even if all has not been rosy for him in England in recent seasons, Alexandre Lacazette remains a great striker. For Lyon supporters, his presence will revive good European memories such as the victory against Roma in 2017. For me, he is a stronger player who will arrive in Lyon. In addition to having accumulated five years of experience, he comes back in the shoes of a leader in a workforce that will still be rejuvenated. For OL and President Aulas, this return is a godsend. It’s a successful link with the supporters, with the new project centered on Lyon’s identity.

For the OL Mercato, Alexandre Lacazette is an incredible locomotive. It is obvious that his return can play on transfers. It can be the trigger for several choices. Perhaps also the first name of a wave of return. With him, the return of a Corentin Tolisso, at the end of the contract at Bayern Munich, becomes possible again. One, two or three shots like that is good, but be careful not to make a team of veterans either. It will also be necessary that these players have young people to supervise … ”

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