the enormous economic consequences of the departure of Lionel Messi!

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A failure. Is it possible to sum up Lionel Messi’s Parisian adventure like this? Some will agree. Others will refuse to believe it. Arrived from Catalonia in August 2021, the Argentinian international (174 caps, 102 goals) has however had a contrasting experience in the French capital. Admittedly, decisive in front of goal (31 goals and 34 assists in 71 matches in all competitions since his debut in Paris), the 2022 world champion has nevertheless aroused a lot of criticism in two years. Targeted by Parisian supporters for its lack of involvement in the City of Light, its absence of defensive withdrawal and its inability to unite at pivotal moments of the season, the Pulga will ultimately not leave an imperishable memory in the hearts of the Rouge et Bleu. .

Discussed on his sporting contribution, Lionel Messi (35) nevertheless had a huge financial impact for the capital club. In the event of departure, the shortfall would then be impressive and this is unfortunately the trend for the Parisian management. Suspended by PSG following his promotional trip to Saudi Arabia, the Argentinian has certainly apologized publicly but the fate around his future seems already sealed. Whether in Barcelona, ​​in MLS or for another destination, the sevenfold Ballon d’Or, at the end of the contract next June, will not extend his adventure in Paris. A dreaded outcome, especially financially. If the upper echelons of Paris will indeed be able to console themselves by thinking of the XXL emoluments that they will no longer have to assume – Messi’s 2-week salary suspension is equivalent to the monthly salary of Marquinhos, the club’s 4th highest salary – l he impact on the business will nevertheless remain significant.

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A terrible shortfall!

To illustrate the economic weight of the star of Albiceleste, it is enough to turn to the Catalan regional tourism council which had not hesitated to quantify the loss experienced. Thus, when it left Catalonia in 2021, the city of Barcelona had experienced a drop in attendance estimated at between 15 and 20%. If Paris attracts for many other reasons than football, the end of the Messi era in the French capital will necessarily impact business, even beyond the club. As such, the restaurateurs present around the Parc des Princes recently admitted that the PSG represented 30 to 40% of their annual turnover and that this proportion had been increasing since after Covid. There is no doubt that a departure from the Argentinian would greatly impact this figure. But not only… If tourists – lovers of Messi – flock to Parisian restaurants, they are also present in the shops…

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A hero in the eyes of many supporters, the former living legend of Camp Nou is also the most requested figure when flocking purchased shirts. Sales which should, at the same time, drop sharply if Lionel Messi were to leave Paris. Just like visits to the Parc des Princes. Impacting for tourism and marketing, the native of Rosario is also in terms of sponsors. Note in the sense that the presence of the Argentinian is valued at 20% of the contractual amounts of the sponsors, which bring in 380 million euros per year, i.e. an estimated valuation of 76 million euros. If the PSG is also likely to mourn its absence when looking at the figures related to ticketing, the reigning French champion will also have a lot to lose in terms of communication. With 458 million followers, Messi had notably increased the club’s followers on social networks by 30%. There too, the fall should be vertiginous. The beginning of a new era necessarily has a cost…

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