The Elan banned from professional basketball: the reaction of the Agglo de Pau

The community of Agglomeration Pau Béarn Pyrénées chaired by the mayor of Pau François Bayrou has just issued a press release this Thursday evening. Here are the terms:

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Basketball / Elan Béarnais is getting closer to administrative relegation

Failing to have been able to federate the Béarnaise “community” behind him during his week in Pau, David Otto, founder of CSG, should not be able to provide the necessary guarantees requested by the DNCCG for the Elan to continue in Elite next season.

“The decisions taken by the National Basketball League are very clear. The organization of national championships and the involvement of clubs in these championships are governed by financial rules in particular.

If these rules are not respected, there is a sanction. The sanction having been taken, the club has 8 days to file a graceful appeal. If the sanction is confirmed, the question is whether there are other recovery solutions.

In any case, the sums due to the Agglomeration Community and the City must be paid.

This episode is regrettable, particularly in view of the remarkable sporting results of this season.

The editorial staff advises you

In summary, the Agglo de Pau refers the owner of Elan Béarnais, the American group Counterpointe Sports Group (CSG) to its responsibilities regarding the current financial situation of Elan. And recalls in passing that the American group owes the community the sum of 800,000 euros corresponding to the sale of its shares when it bought Elan a year ago.

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