the controversial score of 22-1 between Arles and Septème in Regional 2 is frozen

The Disciplinary Committee has opened an investigation into this match. The results should be returned by June.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Mediterranean Football League has opened a file for suspicion of fraud concerning the match Arles – FC Septèmes of Regional 2, concluded Sunday with the score of 22-1, a result frozen, we learned Thursday from a source familiar with the matter.

A disciplinary file for suspicion of fraud was opened Wednesday evening by the regional disciplinary committee. The file is now under investigation and the result of the match has been frozen“, explained this source to AFP.

A rapporteur has been appointed, who will now carry out an investigation and hearings. The referee of the match, as well as the delegate and the leaders of the clubs concerned should be heard. The procedure should lastabout a month“.

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The fact that the score has been frozen implies that the last day, which is played this weekend, will not allow to know the promoted club.


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