TFC 5-4 MHSC: the friendly match of the summer, and I was there for you

By JB,

This Saturday, the TFC won its fifth friendly match of the summer, 5-4 against Montpellier. A lively meeting which took place over three periods of 45 minutes. I was there for you.

Small stand, athletics track around the lawn, high fence all along the ground, this Louis Sanguin stadium in Agde was perhaps not ideal for this poster. Many supporters of both camps found themselves under a bright sun and gave voice, even very far from the actors. Toulouse completely annihilated their opponent for 30 minutes. We were able to take advantage of Dallinga’s first goal and had confirmation that Ratao and Ngoumou, also scorers, were in good shape. 3-0 in 30 minutes … before seeing Montpellier come back to 3-3, with the help of Sylla, who caused yet another penalty. A quarter of an hour of absence and the MHSC, dying during this preparation, regained hope.

In the second half, Toulouse took back the monopoly of the ball and it was finally on a set piece, with VDB then Dejaegere at the helm, that Tèf won the game, thanks to helmet shots from Nicolaisen and Diarra. Montpellier was just content to score a second penalty. The 45-minute third half, reserved for young people and substitutes, gave absolutely nothing.

Individually, we liked Chaibi, who brilliantly played his role as a right-wing midfielder-attacker. Dupé made some great saves, but got caught on his left side on third base. Desler, Rouault and Nicolaisen displayed serenity, but were often neglected by the midfielder. Sylla made Sylla, capable of beautiful climbs and causing a penalty. Spierings plugged, Van den Boomen organized (and a little provoked). Dallinga, if he scored his first goal, was almost never served. Special mention to Diarra, the only one with Begraoui, to animate the end of the match.

At the final whistle, a conversation with Hugo Guillemet of L’Équipe takes place. We agree: the TFC will be interesting to follow and its attackers are capable of making great differences. But it is not certain that in Ligue 1, Tèf will have the ball as much as in these friendly matches and it is in this area that we will have to progress. “Van den Boomen, his defensive work is non-existent, there is only Spierings to protect the defense” slips a supporter on leaving.

She’s not wrong. Toulouse won again, Toulouse scored again, but Toulouse conceded 4 against a relatively weak opponent. If we were Montpellier, we would be worried (and they are listening to the songs launched on Saturday evening!). But we are from Toulouse, and this team gives us great hope.

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