Terrible news for the club’s finances

Despite the formidable rise in Ligue 1 which could be profiled in the days to come, the Girondins de Bordeaux will face a very big financial problem this summer about a player, for some, undesirable.

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Tension is at its height in Gironde at the end of the Ligue 2 BKT season. Only a year after what looked like a descent into hell, the Marines and Whites have managed to climb back up the slope and are on their way to returning to the elite next season. Unfortunately for Bordeaux fans, nothing is decided yet at the top of this Ligue 2 championship and FC Metz is giving David Guion and his men a hard time. The Mosellens are only a small point behind the Girondins and are waiting for the slightest misstep from their direct opponent to give them priority towards accession to Ligue 1. Suffice to say that the next of the two teams which will bow, will let its competitor fly away at the head of this championship as the teams seem unstoppable so far. On the sidelines of this final sprint, the financial worries of the Girondins de Bordeaux are far from being resolved, worse still, they could worsen in the months to come. Explanations.

Stade Brestois refuses to exercise the option to buy Albert Elis!

Last January, Elis, somewhat intrusive at the Girondins de Bordeaux, was packing his bags for the Stade Brestois in the form ofa loan with an option to buy. Despite the maintenance that seems to be foreseen on the side of the SB29, lifting the option to buy the Honduran striker is not up to date. Elis does not convince and does not manage to impose himself in Brittany, he will therefore logically not be renewed with the Finisterians since he did not complete the necessary playing time. In effect, the mandatory exercise of his purchase option was conditional on maintaining SB29 in Ligue 1 and a minimum playing time in the red and white jersey. A purchase option which, let us recall, amounted to €5.15 million. A substantial sum which would have done the Girondine coffers a world of good and which would have made Elis the most expensive transfer in the history of Stade Brestois. With this loan during the last winter transfer window, the Bordelais had pocketed €500,000, allowing them to formalize the arrival of Alexis Pitu.

Thus, the return of Alberth Elis, under contract until 2026 with Bordeaux, turns out to be a real problem, even if he had scored 9 achievements last season in Ligue 1, both the financial stake that could result following its sale could be a godsend for the Gironde management. A huge shortfall which, without a doubt, will weigh heavily on the balance when it comes time to do the accounts at the end of the season.

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