Tennis Champ Emma Raducanu just dyed her hair a lot lighter

First things first, let us introduce to you MBE and British professional tennis champion, Emma Raducanu. The young star (she’s still just a teenager!) reached a career-high, ranking of No. 10 by the Women’s Tennis Association in July of this year and of course, won the 2021 US Open women’s singles title. But let’s not be silly, hey, because you already knew that!

When displaying her incredible natural sporting abilities, it’s important for Emma to wear her hair back in something like one of her signature ponytail plaits. After all, tennis is most definitely a workout… but who am I to know. *Continues to sit, watch at home and comment on every game*.

But one thing that hasn’t changed so far is her hair color – well, until now. I won’t lie, the following post resulted in an audible shock (aka, me saying “wowww”) when we came across a selfie of Emma’s completely new hair look. John Clark, hair colourist at the John Frieda salon in London, posted a series of pictures on his Instagram:

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Just by taking a look at the first picture, it is clear that Emma’s hair is a few shades lighter than her previously dark brown color. In the caption, John shared the details behind the transformation, writing: “I used the @johnfriedasalons #glowlights technique to lift her naturally very dark base to a multi tonal brunette with lighter areas around the face and where the sunshine would naturally make it shimmer “.

For those unaware, ‘glowlights’ is a new alternative to balayage highlights and is a term coined by John Frieda hair colourist, Nicola Clarke. She first used the technique on Kate Moss when giving her hair a natural makeover for summer.

So, if you, too, are after a subtle yet summery glow, why not ask your hair colourist for glowlights when next in the salon chair. I’m tempted to book myself in RN…

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