Dejounte Murray tells Paolo Banchero he ‘lost all respect’ for him after wild dunk

Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray told Orlando Magic rookie Paolo Banchero on Sunday night that he ‘lost all respect’ for him because he changed ever since making it to the NBA. Murray, 25, took to Instagram to tell Banchero that he’s no longer humble, claiming that the Magic rookie ‘tried to flex’ the fact the … Read more

The Brittney Griner machine: height, weight and the measurements that make a super athlete

Brittney Griner is more than a political pawn used by Russia. She’s one of the best female basketball players on earth. grinning is considered the best offensive female player in the United States. She was the First Opened – Homosexual Athlete sponsored by Nike after being recruited as the first pick of the WNBA draft. … Read more

LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo were this close to teaming up

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo could have been on the same team alongside Kyrie Irving if the 2013 NBA Draft would have gone a little differently. Antetokounmpo, 27, was a relatively unknown prospect at the time and the Cavaliers drafted Anthony Bennett with the No. 1 overall pick. … Read more

Gregg Popovich hired a private detective to chase a San Antonio Spurs player

Gregg Popovich is one of the most successful coaches in NBA history, with the San Antonio Spurs he has won five NBA titles and was Olympic champion at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, but sometimes his methods of controlling his players are extreme. Popovich hired a detective to follow Vernon Maxwell. In 1989 Vernon Maxwell came … Read more

Instagram model threatens to share LeBron James’ DMs to prove her story is true

This past weekend, an Instagram model attempted to expose LeBron James for lurking in her stories but it didn’t work out the way she intended. Only known as @justghazal_ on IGthe reaction from countless LeBron James fans was swift in his favor. They know James to be a family man who wouldn’t jeopardize his marriage … Read more

Former Lakers guard Malik Monk on why ‘it’ll work out’ for LeBron, AD and Westbrook

Felm Los Angeles Lakers guard Malik Monk told TMZ Sports on Sunday that LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook will figure out a way of finding success together. While at LAXMonk also explained how playing alongside James helped him reach a new level in his career. “It’s Bron, bro. He gon’ try to help … Read more

Instagram model tries to “burn” LeBron James and it backfires amazingly

In case you didn’t know it already, instagram models adore the spotlight and will go to any lengths to advertise the fact that successful men are interested in them. When she attempted to expose LeBron James for not sliding into her direct messages but rather for merely viewing her Instagram stories, Instagram model justghazal_ became … Read more

Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson featured in one of the craziest NBA star-studded games 30 years ago

OnJuly 25, 1992, the DreamTeamthe first US national team made up of professional NBA players to participate in the Olympic Games, began the journey to show where the best basketball players in the world were and ended with gold in Barcelona ’92, which washed away the painful loss to the USSR in Seoul ’88, when … Read more

LeBron James: “I don’t give a fuc… what nobody think”

LeBron James is one of the best athletes in recent years, he has won several NBA championships, however, this has not kept him away from criticism, although he is a winner, his actions are always in the eye of the hurricane. With time, like all people, he has matured, he no longer wants to be … Read more

Djokovic should be allowed to play US Open despite COVID vax status, says McEnroe

HASs Novak Djokovic waved to the crowd following his seventh Wimbledon title victory, tennis analyst John McEnroe argued that the 21-time Grand Slam champion should be allowed to play in the U.S. Open despite his COVID-19 vaccination status. Djokovic, 35, did not play in the Australian Open earlier this year after his vaccine exception was … Read more