Steph Curry’s creepy streak just before Game 2

The Warriors are already back to the wall ahead of Game 2 of these Finals NBA. They’ve lost home advantage and losing again could end their title dream… And after that terrifying streak from Steph Curry in training, fans aren’t going to be the most confident.

The first game of the Finals was not reassuring for the Warriors, who have already lost home advantage… Indeed, Stephen Curry was exceptional at the start of the game, with no less than 6 long distance shots in the first quarter alone, Jayson Tatum was particularly bad offensively with a sad 3/17, and yet Boston left Chase Center with the victory .

Under these conditions, Game 2 this Sunday is necessarily of major importance for the men of Steve Kerr, who will have to stop the bleeding and do everything to go to Massachusetts at 1-1. For that the Chief will once again have to raise his level of play, but he will especially have to receive help from Klay Thompson, Draymond GreenJordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins, all disappointing on the previous meeting.

Stephen Curry does nothing in training!

But on the eve of this match, Warriors fans will not be reassured by the creepy sequence during the last practice. Steph Curry, reputed to be the best shooter of all time, had a bad patch from spots he particularly liked. If he fails to settle, the series could quickly end…

On the first video, Stephen Curry misses 4 consecutive shots before returning one, on the second, he releases a terrible 2/7 at the head of the racket, a spot he normally appreciates a lot. It’s only training, the Chief took difficult shots several meters behind the line or in motion, but to see him miss like this is necessarily very worrying… Without his address, he will have more difficulty opening breaches for his teammates, and the Warriors are bound to be affected collectively.

Stephen Curry is a great professional, he probably knows the difference between training and a match, these missed shots should not have a great mental impact on the player. Let’s hope for the suspense that it will still manage to settle.

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