Steph Curry seemingly reacts to Grant Williams’ ‘disciplined’ Warriors take

Petty King Steph seemingly reacts to Williams’ ‘disciplined’ take originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Even in the offseason, Steph Curry remains the Petty King.

Add the Boston Celtics’ Grant Williams to be the latest on the other side of one of Curry’s subtle jabs. On the most recent episode of “The Long Shot Podcast,” hosted by Miami Heat sharpshooter Duncan Robinson, Williams “confidently” claimed that the Celtics had a better squad than the Warriors, despite Boston losing to Golden State.

Willliams does say that overall, the Warriors did have the “more disciplined” team due to their championship experience and that is why the Dubs ultimately won the 2022 NBA Finals in six games. He also gave his praises to Curry, calling him the “best point guard ever” after winning his first Finals MVP.

It appears likely Curry heard what Williams said, even as he was getting ready to host to ESPYs on Wednesday night. Steph posted to his Instagram story a picture of him getting a haircut with the caption: “A very disciplined cut”.

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While it remains to be seen what Curry has planned as a host, odds are high that the “Petty King” could mention “discipline” at some point.

At any rate, expect the first time the Celtics and Warriors face off next season to be must-see TV.

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