Steph Curry is the best 10-15 NBA player of all time, according to Jamal Crawford

Steph Curry’s position among the greatest players in NBA history continues to fluctuate, according to the expert and the day.

And former NBA guard Jamal Crawford was that pundit on Tuesday’s latest episode of Showtime Basketball’s “What’s Burnin’.”

“So all-time great players, because his book is still being written, but I’d say he’s somewhere in the top – without thinking about it, somewhere in the top 10 or 15. right now, I would say for sure,” Crawford told Rachel Nichols. “When he wins another championship, he goes even higher, just keeps slipping away.

“He can end up somewhere very, very high. But he’s still got four or five years at this level.”

After Curry led the Warriors to their fourth championship in eight years and won his first NBA Finals MVP, the 35-year-old quickly began to climb the list of the greatest players of all time.

Ahead of Game 5 of Golden State’s NBA first-round playoff series against the Sacramento Kings, Draymond Green claimed Curry passed LeBron James and Michael Jordan as the greatest player of all time because of his confidence unwavering.

Considering Curry continues to make history on the hardwood, especially in the playoffs, it makes sense that Green would consider Curry the greatest of all time.

Along with Curry’s exploits on the court, Nichols also noted that any GOAT rating must include Curry’s impact on the game of basketball as a whole.

While he may not be a high-flyer like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant or as powerful as LeBron James, Curry changed basketball with his incredible shot. This was a point with which Crawford agreed.

“You’re absolutely right,” the former NBA guard continued. “His story, he could be, I think just at the top, and I’ve seen a lot of old school guys, obviously Kareem and Magic and Kobe and all those guys. So he can end up there with all the other guys. .”

Finally, because Curry is still playing at an elite level at 35, Crawford says it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where he would land on the list of greatest players of all time and would rather push that conversation when the two-time MVP of the NBA hangs up. his sneakers.

“So it’s like, Yeah, okay, we’ll carry on and we’ll talk about it at the end of the day.” But he’s already in the top 10-15 – he has to be,” Crawford concluded.

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While some believe Curry could push James off of the NBA’s Mount Rushmore if the former wins another championship, it’s clear that those around the NBA are finally starting to realize just how special Curry is.

All that remains is to watch Curry play at a high level while he can.

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