Steph Curry believes Warriors need ‘come-to-Jesus moment’ ahead of Game 2

The Warriors’ situation isn’t exactly saying, perse, but a moment of self-reflection couldn’t hurt.

Down 1-0 to the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals after a frustrating Game 1 loss on Thursday night at Chase Center, Golden State will take a collective 48-hour look in the mirror before Game 2 on Sunday night.

That, and maybe they’ll join hands in a prayer circle.

In speaking to the media on Saturday, Warriors superstar Steph Curry discussed previous “come-to-Jesus” moments that helped the team overcome rough patches throughout the season.

“Look at how we responded from Game 5 to Game 6 in the Memphis series,” Curry said. “Game 4 to 5 in the Dallas series. Even moments throughout the regular season where things are starting to get away from us a little bit at times and kind of have your come-to-Jesus moment like we need to play right. How are we going to flip the script and get things back on the right track? We usually responded pretty well. It’s a collective effort of a focus on the defensive end first and foremost, and just an understanding of how we all work together to create good shots from the offensive end.

“You said it’s the first time we’ve been down 0-1. It’s the first time for a lot of things with this particular group. We are here in the Finals for a reason because we figured it out along the way. If we ‘re going to get back in this series, we’ve got to figure it out again.”

It’s just one game, but is this another “come-to-Jesus moment” for the Warriors?

“Absolutely,” Curry said.

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It’s the NBA Finals, one of the biggest stages in all of professional sports. Every poor decision, no matter how small, should be reflected upon.

For Curry and the Warriors, their autopsy of what went wrong in the fourth quarter of Game 1 will determine how to prevent such disaster in Game 2.

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