State Farm has NBA Draft ‘pick is in’ jingle, and we won’t forget it

If you’ve watched any sort of NBA basketball lately, you’ve undoubtedly run into more than a few State Farm insurance commercials. The company is sure to make “Jake from State Farm” — their photogenic spokesman — a permanent imprint in the minds of hoops fans.

When we tune in to watch the 2022 NBA Draft on Thursday night, hoping to see where future fixtures like Jabari Smith and Paolo Banchero will end up, State Farm’s grasp on our attention will be inescapable.

For the first time in the draft’s history, the “pick is in” jingle will be State Farm’s trademark bell. That’s right, with every selection, we will have been advertised insurance. I’d imitate what that bell sounds like, but I haven’t personally been brainwashed by fantastic low rates (wait a minute) just yet:

Like a good neighbor, the NBA apparently wants to monetize every last second of a broadcast, shamelessly making sure advertisements are pumped into our brains with regularity.

Like a good neighbor, the NBA Draft is there.

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.

Oh no. It’s already happening.


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