So what does the single ticket sales phase look like (spoiler, it’s expensive)

  • The second phase of ticket sales for the 2024 Olympics, this time individually, opened on Thursday with 1.5 million tickets available.
  • This Tuesday morning, around twenty disciplines were already unavailable, and the cheapest tickets for the vast majority were gone.
  • Let’s not despair, a third and final phase of sales will take place at the end of 2023.

At least we weren’t under too many illusions. In view of the first feedback on the speed at which places were leaving since the opening of the single ticket office for the 2024 Olympics on Thursday, we knew that with our purchase slot from Tuesday 10 a.m., it was announced cotton. Confirmation as soon as you connect to the platform, there is not much left at prices that we will qualify as affordable given the circumstances, that is to say 200 euros. Only twelve disciplines are accessible at this price (rowing, basketball, boxing, canoeing, football, golf, handball, rugby 7, table tennis, sailing, volleyball, water polo), and the spectrum does not widen if we push the slider to 500 euros.

Plus a lot of choice at less than 500 euros, on Tuesday May 16 at 10 a.m. – screenshot / 20 Minutes

The only places at 24 euros still available are qualifying matches for the football tournament, in Marseille, Saint-Etienne, Nantes, Nice, Lyon and Bordeaux, sailing in Marseille (single price) and golf in Saint-Quentin- in-Yvelines. In Paris itself, there is nothing below 140 euros, and for the two flagship sports of the Olympics, athletics and swimming, you have to count at least 690 euros. As for the opening ceremony, it is now untouchable for ordinary mortals: only places remain at 2,700 euros, located on the bottom of the banks of the Seine, near Notre-Dame and the Eiffel Tower.

Besides that, about twenty disciplines are no longer available at all, including judo, fencing, BMX, horse riding, breaking, climbing and skateboarding. The few tickets available for these sports held at venues with reduced capacity have long since vanished. “I expect this second phase to continue to generate disappointments and frustrations. It’s inevitable, but it will once again make people happy and you have to try your luck, “warned the boss of the Organizing Committee Tony Estanguet before the opening of this second phase of sale, which made available 1, 5 million tickets for 4 million subscribers.

If you arrived too late or did not have the chance to be drawn, there remains a third and final phase of sales, at the end of 2023, with the three million tickets remaining on the 8 originally available to the general public. In any case, beware of resale platforms, because as we reminded you a few days ago, more than 40 fraudulent sites have already been detected by the Cojo. As far as we are concerned, we ended up cracking for two places at 80 balls for a women’s rugby 7s group match at the Stade de France. Hopefully we’ll be available to take the son.

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