Sheldon Creed sends the double middle finger to Jade Buford (Video)

Temperatures ran hot during the NASCAR Xfinity Series race in the rain at Portland International Raceway

On Saturday afternoon, NASCAR returned to Portland International Raceway for the first time in about 20 years. The NASCAR Xfinity Series made their debut at the Portland, Oregon road course. Baptism by fire, the teams were given the green flag on the new circuit with rain falling from the sky.

Watch the Sheldon Creed video below.

In stage 1, Sheldon Creed spun on his own from the 2nd position. He battled his way back through the field and took over the lead in stage two.

However, as he battled with Ty Gibbs, both drives were sent off the track. Creed was sent to the back of the field once more.

We restarted with 20 to go, Sheldon Creed was back to 7th.

However, Ryan Sieg pushed on the rear bumper of Jade Buford under braking into turn one. That shoved Buford through turn one and into Sheldon Creed.

Sheldon Creed and four others were sent spinning. Per the rules, if you miss turn one, you need to come to a complete stop in the runoff area.

Alex Labbe was one of the cars that had to serve that penalty. As he came to a stop, Sheldon Creed was already on the gas behind him. Creed drove right into the back of him.

Creed coasted around the track as fluid spilled from his machine and the hood was buckled, blocking the windshield. He ran it until it wouldn’t run anymore. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it back to the pits.

Creed climbed from his car under the caution. As he walked to the ambulance ride, he first walked toward the car of Jade Buford as he rolled by under yellow.

Creed threw up the double middle finger.

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Sheldon Creed comments

“I thought we had an ok day going,” Sheldon Creed told Fox Sports after exiting the infield care center.

“I made a mistake running 2nd there. Drive back to the lead.”

“I don’t know if the No. 54 (Jade Buford) got me or if we both just spun together. We went through there so many times and just roll straight.”

“I get rolling. I’m looking left and the No. 36 (Alex Labbe) just stops in front of me.”

“That’s the way my year’s gone. Every time we have speed, something goes wrong. Everyone at RCR’s been working to make our cars faster. Today, we had a really good shot at winning.”

Creed concluded, “Frustrated that an RCR alliance car drives into us like that and takes us out of it.”

Portland Race Results: June 4, 2022 (NASCAR Xfinity Series)

Sheldon Creed flips off Jade Buford


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