Selma Bacha after the elimination of the Blue against Germany at the Euro: “I have no regrets”

Selma Bacha, player of the France team who lost against Germany this Wednesday in the semi-finals of the Euro, at the microphone of Canal +: “I’m not surprised by what Germany offered because we know that they are a very big team that puts a lot of intensity. They were efficient, unlike us. We will learn from it. We will all get up together and quickly. For the moment we evacuate the sadness and the frustration. Everyone is in their own corner and the coach will come and talk to us afterwards, but for the moment she hasn’t said anything.

“We gave everything, we can look in the mirror because we wet the blue jersey”

Personally, I have no regrets except in terms of efficiency. We gave everything, we can look in the mirror because we wet the blue jersey. All that was missing was efficiency. Now, we are not going to throw everything in the trash. We can be proud of our journey. No one thought we were going to make it to the semi-finals. Next time it will be the final. You really have to believe in it and never give up. »

Kadidiatou Diani, striker of the France team, at the microphone of Canal + : “Inevitably, a lot of disappointment. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get to the final, but that’s part of the game. We’re really, really disappointed. We met a Germany which caused us a lot of problems, especially in the first half. It’s the high level, it’s the game, congratulations to them quite simply. The main regrets, I think, are above all the lack of efficiency, even today. Unfortunately, it happens, but we will learn from it for the next competitions. »


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