Secrets About Atlanta Hawks Uniform History

I got to know about the Hawks in the 90s, with the big bird and everything.

“That was just going for it. The Hawks would apply every year for new uniforms.”

Every year?

“Every year! We would do something pretty cool and if you ever want to have a lot of fun, just type in, ‘Dominique Wilkins Starting Lineup Figurine 1988 or 1989.’ The figurine has a uniform that was never worn. There’s another classic example of the process that must have been broken because it should have never been given out to licensees. They were just following one of the many outtakes we did over the years for the Hawks that somehow got out. That one got through the cracks, and I love that. I have that figurine somewhere around my house.”

Why were the Hawks coming back and asking for new uniforms all the time?

“They never could get it right. The Atlanta Hawks were one of the interesting teams because they were caught in .500 hell. They were one of those teams for about 8 or 9 years. So they were stuck in mediocrity.

So they were trying to figure out, ‘Okay, we’re playing in the OMNI; now we’re moving to Philips Arena, so we need a new uniform. Or now we have a new owner, so we need a new uniform.’ They would just plow at it and plow at it.

If you look at that span, they were in and out of uniforms like crazy. It’s almost like today. There were a few that were really kind of nice. The Kevin Willis one with the stripes on the side, and we put numbers on the pants.

So the big hawk, we designed the logo, and from there, we had to make it a super graphic. We had to figure out exactly where it fell and make sure it didn’t cover up the Hawks’ ball underneath the shorts. The gradients are scary. They’re very dangerous. Somehow we put this wing thing on the side of the pants. That was just a mistake. We shouldn’t have done that. It should have just been red to black or whatever.”


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