Sampaoli warns his players for the comeback against Feyenoord / C4 / Demies / Feyenoord-OM (3-2) /

Duje Ćaleta-Car will need more calcium in the passes in the second leg.

This Thursday evening, Feyenoord defeated Olympique de Marseille (3-2) in the semi-finals of the Europa League Conference. A result which allows Marseille supporters to keep hope, but which did not convince the coach, Jorge Sampaoli. The Argentinian tactician did not appreciate the start of the match for his players – trailing 2-0 after twenty minutes – and made it known at a press conference.

“In the second period, we controlled the game and we played more in the opposing camp. That’s what you’ll have to do at the Vélodrome. If we play like in the first half, our possibilities will be limited. analyzes Sampaoli. “We couldn’t settle in their camp. In the first period, there was the game that the opponent wanted. In the second, we regained control, but we couldn’t equalise. he adds. He concludes by regretting the technical errors of his players. “The result is ultimately dictated by an individual error after the break. There were a lot of factors to explain our difficulties, the pressure from the opponent, the moment… At this stage of the tournament, you can’t go wrong and stay asphyxiated. It was hard and the frustration of not being able to play led to mistakes. It’s a learning curve for the future and the return match. »

The biggest mistake of the game is still his ignoble sky blue cap.


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